One of the hottest topics under discussion in the United States is immigration.  Who should be allowed in?  Under what conditions? How many people should be allowed to enter each year?  Are families being disrupted by our current immigration policies? What if someone came in illegally and now wants to apply for legal residency?

Many of these issues are already matters of law.  Unless they are changed, the current laws will continue to apply.  If those laws are changed, it will be important to be represented by someone who truly understands the changes that have been made in the laws.  When you are facing sensitive immigration issues with your family or friends, don’t make costly mistakes.  Use expert legal assistance to insure all forms are filled out correctly and all avenues are explored to bring your loved ones in the borders.

Under current law, there are limits to the number of immigrants allowed to enter the United States each year.  Status can be different for immigrants hailing from various parts of the world. It is critical that everything is done properly: the proper forms filed, the fees paid, the documentation provided in English, etc.  When critical issues are not dealt with in a timely and correct manner, the waiting period can be extended or the status can be denied.

Using a legal expert can help ensure your immigration issues are handled in the best way to plead your case. Although we can’t guarantee acceptance, we can increase the chances when the stakes are so high.  This is one area where it really pays to make sure you have legal counsel.