No decision is more important than who will raise a child. Love alone is not enough.  You might be the guardian, adopting a child or considering placing your child for adoption.  It is critical for it to be done right in the eyes of the law.  And you want to know it is done right.  A child can’t speak for his/her self, and an experienced voice can help smooth the way for the child’s future needs.


Each child deserves to have a bright future filled with love and support from adults able to provide guidance during the growing years.  An experienced attorney from Segal and Segal can help assure a proper guardianship for the child you love. All aspects critical to child-rearing will be explored.


Too often loving people take on the responsibility of raising a child only to find the child ripped from them at a later date because they have not taken the time to formalize the arrangement.  Make sure all paperwork is done to protect the child you cherish from unnecessary or disorderly disruptions in their young life.  Know what is expected of you and what you can expect.  Hire and experienced attorney from Segal and Segal to protect yourself and the ones you love.  You won’t regret it.