Land Lord/Tenant

The best way to insure healthy landlord/tenant relations is to make sure the contract between parties is set up accurately.  This can be done before the commercial or residential property is rented by calling Segal and Segal for proper forms and guidance.  Landlord or the tenant, you must know your rights and responsibilities to avoid future problems.

For example, as a landlord, you’ve rented your mother’s apartment and now the tenant is misbehaving, selling drugs out the door or behind on rent.  What can you do? How do you collect the money owed?  How long must you wait before you can take action to rent to a responsible renter?  These are just a few of the many types of questions Segal and Segal can handle as they help in landlord/tenant disputes.

As a tenant, maybe that darling property you rented isn’t so darling after all.  The plumbing leaks and the heater thumps all night long.  You have called your landlord several times, but it seems he doesn’t care.  What can you do so you receive what you are paying for?  Contact Segal and Segal to find out what your rights are as a tenant and put some teeth into your demands.  You don’t have to accept inferior service from your landlord.  You deserve a safe and adequate place to live or work without fear of retribution. 

Segal and Segal are here to help you make sure your home and work place are free from worries caused by poor landlord/tenant relations.  And if it is needed, they are here to help you fix things if they go wrong.  Give them a call today for a free phone consultation.