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Timing is critical in personal injury cases.  Claims must be brought within a specific time period after the injury.  When this time period has lapsed, no claim for lost time, money, or pain and suffering can be made.  This time period varies from state to state (usually about three years), so it is imperative to contact a good lawyer when you have been hurt or injured, whether on the job or in your personal life.  IF YOU WAIT TOO LONG, NO ATTORNEY WILL BE ABLE TO HELP YOU, REGARDLESS OF YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES! Claims after the time period are “statute barred.”

Waiting puts you at risk again.  We suggest you contact Segal and Segal, attorneys known for handling personal injury cases in a sensitive and caring manner.  Call for a legal consultation.  Do not wait until the end of your statute of limitations.

How a Personal Injury Case Works

Personal injury case claims have to be brought within a very specific period of time after the accident, after this time they become ‘statute barred’ and will not be successful. The length of this very strict time limit varies from state to state, it is shorter then most time frames usually around 2yrs.


It is imperative that you see an attorney soon after the accident, do not wait until the end or near the end of your statute of limitations. If there is insufficient time before the statute of limitations expires we will not be able to handle your case.


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