Probate Law

When someone dies, there are many steps to take during probate.  Trustees are suddenly faced with a mountain of tasks that must be done quickly.  Creditors must be notified and paid before assets can be distributed. Assets need to be identified.  What assets transfer outside of probate?  Which must be in the estate?  Sometimes there are legal notices to publish. These questions can inflame family emotions already at an all time high. Using an outside, trusted and experienced person involved can calm family tensions and assure all inheritors that the estate was handled fairly in accordance with the deceased’s wishes.

Being a trustee is a daunting task.  You will want to make sure the deceased person’s true wishes are carried out. Trustees listed in wills need to be guided in how and when to distribute assets and how to take creditors’ rights into account.  The law offices of Segal and Segal can guide you through during this emotionally difficult time.  There are so many details to consider, an inexperienced person can become bogged down in the details. It pays to seek outside help to keep this process clean for the bereaved family.  You have already lost one family member.  There is no need to lose others over messy details!

If a trustee has not already been planned for, a petition to appoint a personal representative may need to be filed. It is possible some assets must be dealt with independently from other assets.
Not only is the work load exacting and precise, time factors play into filing and/or objecting to claims against the estate. There could even be lawsuits pending, both prior to the death or after the death, that must be taken into account. Real estate may need to be sold before assets can be released to the heirs. And of course, potential estate taxes must be taken into account.

The details involved in settling an estate are such that most people do not have a lot of experience with them on a personal level.  Critical details are easy to overlook if you haven’t had the experience to assure things are done correctly. It makes sense to do things right at such a critical time. Segal and Segal can help you make this complicated process go smoothly for your family and yourself, as experienced lawyers guide you through the many legal layers of distributing assets after the death of a loved one. Don’t go through this hard time alone.  We want to help.