Huntsville Wills, Trusts, and Estates Attorney

Decision making about future finances is not easy at any time.  Making decisions that will hold up when an individual is not there to make sure his/her wishes are carried out is even more difficult.  Wills, trusts and estate planning are all ways to determine now how your wishes will be honored at some future date.  When you are no longer capable or present to control your hard-earned assets, you should still have a “say-so” in how they are used.  Considering future issues while cool, calm and unemotional is the best way to make good decisions for the future.

It makes sense to have a good attorney help you avoid pitfalls lurking in the future, resulting from poor planning now.  Guard your possessions and assets by involving Segal and Segal in the planning stages.  Our attorneys have guided many through setting up wills, trusts, and estates.  They know what to consider, and how to protect your hard-earned money. Rest assured knowing your wishes will be carried out whether or not you are capable of overseeing your estate yourself. 


Eliminate bickering over your estate among your heirs, and save them money, too. You have the right to determine where your assets will be given.  Good planning can eliminate future attorneys or judges trying to figure out what you want, as your estate is depleted! Good planning now is your gift to the future!